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Simple Fomic Sheet for Art Work

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  • Size: 8×12 inches, 19×19 Inches.
  • Contains 10 Sheets per pack
  • Recommended for children ages 3 & up.Great for crafts at home, school, camp, parties & more. These foam bases are ready for you to decorate with glitter, markers, foam paint, foam shapes, foam stickers & more!
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Simple Fomic Sheets for Art Work Product description

Simple Fomic Sheet means half-term with a crafty side! This fabulous set of 10 contains an assorted set of colors that can be cut out, glued and painted on for all kinds of fun projects! Create masks, accessories and cool ornaments to show off to friends and family!
Perfect for parties, gatherings or simply passing the time, this foam set can be used for a variety of ideas. Safe, soft and flexible, this spongy material is perfect for letting your little one’s imagination shine!

  • Size: 8×12 Inches, 9×12 inches, 19×19 Inches.
  • Flexible, safe and soft.
  • Easy to cut and tear.

Create a scene with these colorful foam craft sheets. Easy to cut and glue, this collection of vivid rainbow colors will keep kids busy for hours! Ideal for collages, scrapbooks and artwork. Have them available in your playroom or classroom!

Add these super big foam sheets to your craft supplies so you’ll never be without! Perfect for your DIY craft projects, just cut to size and work your magic! Great for making DIY gifts for for sprucing up your existing crafts.

Age Recommendation:
Ages 3 & Up: Containing 10 or less large, rounded pieces made of lightweight and soft material, these crafts are simple and easy, perfect for budding artists or large groups. Activity may include coloring or gluing pieces to flat surfaces.

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(A4) 8×12 Inches with 10 sheets, 19×19 Inches with 10 sheets, 9×12 Inches with 12 Sheets