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Quilling Paper Strips

Quilling paper strips quilling art strips 80 to 100 strips multi colors quilling paper set.

Quilling paper colors:
Multi Colors paper strips are included, many color tones of red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple, brown, green, gray.

Create different shapes:
These paper strips are soft, easy to weave many patterns, make it rolling in the shape you want, enjoy your DIY decorating time.
Quilling paper is a novel art form, and very easy to use. You can create your works according to your own ideas.
If you are a beginner, all you need is paying more attention to time and patience.

Wide application:
The quilling shapes you DIY can decorate home, classroom, shop, wedding, party, holiday decoration, can be fixed on wall, drop light, window and so on.

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5, 12+1 Free


  1. Ayeshe

    A.o.a can you plz explain do we have to buy 5 packs or can i buy single pack too.and also 90rs for whole pack????

    • Admin

      In 90 Rupee you will get 5 packets. you cant order single packet. in one packet 80-100 strips

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