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Quilling Stencils for Paper Quilling

Quilling or paper filigree is an old art-form which is getting popular nowadays. It involves the use of strips of paper called quilling paper. The paper strips are rolled, looped, curled, twisted, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. These shapes are then used to decorate items like greeting cards, pictures, boxes, envelopes and a lot of other things. In fact it is even used to create items like jewelry or models of things. It is a very creative and engaging hobby and is great for both kids as well as adults. This is a good quality quilling stencils or quilling mould as it’s often called.

When quilling, you create various shapes from quilling paper strips. This stencil eases the process of creating shapes like squares, triangles etc, as it is a little tedious to make the shapes by hand. Also when making big designs, you may want to have many shapes of the same size, which is difficult by hand as the size is bound to differ when making shapes without a stencil. This mould has various sized circles, squares, triangles, droplets, hearts and also a rounded triangle shape.

How to Use:

  • Roll a Quilling paper strip tightly and put it in a circle shape on the stencil. Let it spread or spread it a little so that it fits the circle properly.
  • Take it out and glue the open end of the strip on the roll.
  • Put the rolled up strip into another shape for example – a droplet.
  • Pinch the sides and fit the roll into the shape. Let it sit in the shape for a while.
  • Take it out with tweezers. Now the roll is shaped like a droplet.