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Dough Things Making Tools


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Italian Dough Tools for flower making.
Can be use in any purpose to shape for clay or any dough.

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Dough Things Making Tools

These sets consists of eight and fourteen double finished tools with the box for easy storage. They’re easy to handle and have a smooth surface to help forestall sticking out. These tools are product of sturdy plastic material. The box is made of a soft plastic material with a transparent cover to envision its contents.

Modeling Sculpting Tool Cake Decorating Sugar paste.
Sculpting Tool Set to create, shape, mark and imprint flowers, leaves and facial expression. Add detail and convey your sugar paste creations to life. Set includes all sculpting tools you may have to be compelled to work with sugar paste to make the foremost stunning cakes. Ideal to work with gum paste, cold porcelain, sugar paste and marzipan.

They can also be used to model with polymer clay. This set consists of eight double finished tools from a awfully prime quality yellow plastic. They are easy to handle and have a smooth surface to help forestall sticking out. A fabulous set of tools for all kinds of modelling and flower creating projects.
8 pcs tools, all are double finished, every finish has a totally different form and Size.

These are full size tools not the minis version.
Tools measure approx 15cm to 17cm long. (the length {of totally different|of various} tool is different )

PME 1 – Bone tool – accustomed smooth curves and to cup and adornment petals in flower making.
PME 2 – Blade and Shell tool – The blade is used to chop and shape, the Shell end can be wont to imprint pattern.
PME 3 – Ball tool – use to make round indentations and sleek curves in modelling and cup and adornment petals in flower making.
PME 4 – Scallop and comb tool – use scallop finish to chop scalloped edge, cut circular holes in plaques and imprint mouth shape on faces. Comb end can be used to mark dotted lines to represent handicraft or score parallel lines.
PME 5 – serrate and taper cone tool – serrate cone can be used to imprint star pattern or to mark divisions in cannular flowers. Taper cone – used to hollow cannular flowers like Freesias
PME 8 – Taper cones 5/6 star modelling tool – the cones can be used to imprint little star patterns or to mark divisions in cannular flowers.
PME 9 – Bulbulous Cone Tool – use each ends to hollow and shape flowers. also can be used for frilling Garrett Frills.
PME 10 – Dresden Flower/leaf shaper tool for drawing detail, making veins on leaves and flowers.

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