How to Use an Abacus | Abacus Training in Urdu Hindi

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Abacus Training in Urdu Hindi | Abacus in Urdu Hindi.
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Learn how to use an abacus to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. In this video helping you build a business to learning how to use a 2,000 years old calculator. Why? Because it’s a cool icebreaker at a party if you have absolutely no redeemable talents.


Using an Abacus

An abacus could be a great tool for making mathematics real for your kid. Here i’ll provide you with some suggestions on a way to use it effectively.

If you read my article on learning maths, you’ll bear in mind that this subject is jam-packed with ideas that will be laborious for your kid to know. That’s why it’s necessary to use world examples that she will bit, see and feel.

For example, the written numeral five is actually simply a logo. we’d like to point out them what the numerals signify. These ideas arasure} obvious to you and me, however they’ll not be therefore obvious to our youngsters.

This tool helps the learner see what these symbolic ideas mean.

The most obvious ideas to start out with an numbers and investigating.

Numbers and Counting

I used this useful tool a lot when my son was learning to count.  Ours had 100 beads on it, and with it, he learned to count to 100.
It’s a lot less overwhelming if at first you teach him to count to 10 until he can count that far on his own, then to 20, etc.  In this way, you can work your way to 100.
If your child doesn’t speak, I recommend that you simply model counting for her. Take it slowly for her as you would do for the verbal child.  Model counting from 1 to 10 for a while, then from 1 to 20, and so on.
I also recommend counting other objects as well to help your child generalize this skill (apply it to new situations).

Math Facts

I was concerned that my son would have no idea what I was talking about when I showed him equations such as 2 + 4 = 6, even if he was able to memorize them.  So we spent a lot of time using the abacus.
What I did was to help him or direct him to write the equation down on paper.  Then I would model the equation—2 beads plus 4 beads equals 6 beads.  And then we would count all 6 beads.
Finally, we would read the equation again.
You can, of course, use this tool to model subtraction, multiplication and division equations as well.
As with enumeration, it is a smart plan to model a number of these equations mistreatment alternative objects furthermore to assist him generalize this ability.

What Kind of Abacus We Use

100-Bead Abacus

I like the sort with 10 rows, every with 10 beads. This should get him thinking about numbers in groups of 10:  1 through 10, 11 through 20, 21 through 30, and on up to 100.  It’s also useful for learning to count by 10’s.
If you can’t find one in a store, you can always find an inexpensive one on Amazon.
Or you can check out this nifty online abacus that’s fun to use and also helps you learn how to use one.
This instrument may be a actually valuable tool for teaching science. however take care to use alternative techniques also. To help your child learn more effectively, use various methods to present these concepts in different ways.

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