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Spirograph Kit Toy Spirograph Pens Drawing Set Spirography

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Back To School Gift :)
Spirograph Kit, Spirograph ToySpirograph is back!!! Wiiiiiii :)
Great Gift For Your Kids To Improve Their Artistic Skills and Imagination.
Lots of Different Variations Can Be Done With This Spirograph Set and It is Very Easy To Use.Check designs video on our Facebook page.
Click this link for Facebook Page Video
Magic Circles can be used on both paper and cloth surface.
Lay the paper to draw a figure on the flat ground.
Fallowing set the frame onto the paper and place one of small circle inside the frame.
Place the pen into the hole on small circles and move pen towards the sharp lips of small circles and frame each other.
Then do the same exercise placing the pen into another hole.
In each practice , different and assorted figures are occurred.
Colorful shapes are rated with assorted color pens.
You can have several various figures with magic circles.
Magic Circles improves children’s mental and physical ability.


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